Saturday, February 6, 2010

Book Review: The Living Dead

The Living Dead
John Joseph Adams (editor)
Night Shade Books
ISBN: 1597801437

An excellent and diverse anthology; definitely not for the squeamish.  The short stories packed into this book (there are 34 of them) cover everything you ever wanted to know about zombies, and then some.  Most of the stories have been published previously, but a good range of authors and mythos are represented--even the most hardcore and well-read zombie enthusiast is sure to find something they haven't seen before.  As much as there's something here for everyone, there's also something here to offend everyone--from the violent, to the vivid, to the just plain gratuitous, you will find plenty of gore, sex, and general human badness.  As should be expected, the recurring theme is not so much about the monsters that threaten to end the world as we know it, but about the people, decisions, and events that could allow it happen.