Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Food Review: Baconnaise


Trial 1: warm Baconnaise, straight from the mail delivery person's car, on white bread.

Verd (my husband) and i couldn't wait to try this, so we got straight to it, spreading it on white bread for a new spin on the classic trailer-park sandwich. Not bad. It was a bit too vinegary for my tastes, but we agreed it would probably improve with refrigeration.

Trial 2: room temp on pumpernickel.

Now this was good. The flavor of the bread helped smooth the mayo taste, and the bacon flavor really came out. Our 7-year-old son was crazy about it.

Trial 3: chilled on a ham, bacon, provel and lettuce sandwich

Heaven. I really can't imagine a better sandwich, unless we had fresh tomatoes or i had taken the time to toast the bread. It really takes meat between two slices of bread and transforms it into something special.

The Verdict: Good Stuff.

It wasn't ZOMGbestthingevar, because it did still taste like mayo (and i'm not a huge fan of that, though i do like it sometimes in moderation), but it had a nice subtle bacon flavor that wasn't too salty or smoky. Decent as a spread on a nice piece of bread. Ridiculously good on any sandwich involving lettuce and bacon.

By the way, this product is also kosher and vegetarian-safe.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Test Post

Please excuse the mess while i determine what's what here and why my page isn't displaying correctly.

Edit: the intricacies between Blogger and RPGaming's host are a bit too advanced for me, so for now, this blog is going to be hosted by blogspot, subject to change immediately in the event that i happen to experience a brain anomaly that causes me to become a coding genius (that, or my husband, who actually is a bit of a coding genius, finds some free time to help me to that end).

In the mean time, i suppose an introduction may be in order, with this being my first post. In most circles i am simply known as "hippie." I could probably come up with some elaborate story to explain this title, but there really isn't one. It just happens to be the common word among several usernames i've used in various places around the 'net.

I am a wife and a stay-at-home, homeschooling, mom of three. By far, my dominant hobby is pen and paper role-playing games. I have many other passions, but they are expressed through other mediums. I play and GM daily via post and chat, as well as in person when the rare opportunity makes itself available. I also moderate one gaming forum, and of course co-administrate RPGaming (how may times can i reference that site in one post?).

This blog is meant as a companion to the RPGaming Forums, and should eventually accompany it on a main site...but that is another thing on a list of many that my darling husband has yet to completely finish.

I love comments in the form of feedback, criticism, and ideas for future posts, so bring em on! I prefer to think of my posts as the beginnings of discussion threads rather than just blog entries.