Saturday, January 9, 2016

All These Years Later

My blogging hiatus was not exactly planned: Google decided to lock me out of my account two years ago, due to disuse. Which isn't surprising, because I hadn't had internet access in over four years.

Well, that is one thing that has changed. Satellite technology finally caught up to the fact that not everyone lives in an area with DSL lines, so NOW services are offered that work completely off the satellite receiver (as opposed to receiving through satellite, and sending through DSL. Now the signal goes both ways). SO rural customers can now get an internet connection without either relying on cell service (which is also bad in most rural locations!) or investing in military-grade equipment. Hurrah!

Back to the gaming?

I'm working on it. So far, the original RPGaming message boards are back in working order, spam- and bot-free. That was quite a project. And I'm currently running a Tri-stat dX play-by-post game (modern-day urban fantasy) over there. Anyone is welcome to join, any time!